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Simple Storybook Dolls

This pattern includes the basic Storybook Doll template and detailed patterns to make three different storybook characters: Pippi Longstocking, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. Make any or all of these three, and then use the knowledge the pattern gives you as a jumping off point to make your dream doll. More info

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Piet the Walrus

A fun intermediate level knitting pattern for a cute and squishy walrus. More info

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Lasse the Whale

This sweet whale is an intermediate level pattern, knit flat and then sewn and stuffed. More info

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Some Simple Storybook Dolls I’ve knit lately

Hi knitting friends, long time no talk! Knitting has been my refuge during this past year. That is really not an exaggeration. Have I mentioned my second baby just turned 1? Well, that birthday marks, among other things, the end of the most challenging year I've ever...

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Simple Storybook Dolls Pattern

Friends, meet The Simple Storybook Dolls: Pippi Longstocking, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. They're only waiting for whatever other wonderful characters you and I can come up with to knit, to join them as they sit there in front of their storybook. Okay, if...

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Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

How to Graft Stitches with Kitchener Stitch: Kitchener Stitch is a binding-off technique that allows you to smoothly and invisibly graft together two pieces of “live” knitting (knitting still on your needles). I use Kitchener Stitch to finish the shoulders of the...

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Hi, I’m Alexis, founder of Yarn Birdy. I’m constantly creating toy knitting patterns to inspire creativity and awaken our love for the cute and the playful. I’m thrilled you’re visiting. Learn More about Alexis and Yarn Birdy


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